Wednesday March 20, 2019 12:10 PM -   Worcester, MA
Lenten Lunchtime Concert Series (2 of 5)
Wesley United Methodist Church, 114 Main Street
Cost: Free Will Offering
Performing: Michael Steven Lianos, organist
Details: As you care for a friend or relative with dementia or Alzheimer’s, have you wondered what they may be going through? Robert Schumann did not have either, but his mental faculties were slipping out of his control, which can have its parallels. The way he writes his Sonata in F minor, it seems as though he is writing down a journal entry – his anger, his child-like playfulness, noticing that alongside his condition intensifying, his wife Clara Schumann is slipping away. Beyond the story, Schumann is known for writing technically challenging music. Be on the edge of your seat with this passionate, yet Olympic sonata. These concerts are from 12:10pm to 12:50pm and are designed as concerts to enjoy during your lunch break from work, or to rejuvenate your afternoon with serious classical music. Bring your own bagged lunch to enjoy during these concerts. A free-will offering will be received at the end.
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